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Trollforsen camping


Byvägen 47, 920 73 Gargnäs

About the campsite

Trollforsen Camping is beautifully situated on a peninsula in Lake Hemsjön surrounded by the wild and beautiful Pite River. Here you can take a deep breath and feel the clean air. The rivers around the area still flow the same way they have for thousands of years. In other words, this is where you can experience the feeling of freedom for real. The camping pitches are situated on a grassy field overlooking Lake Hemsjön. In total there are 30 pitches, 12 of which are with electricity. There are also cottages for rent. Ranging from simpler variants to larger and fully equipped log cabins. The service building is newly renovated and fully equipped with everything you could possibly need for a pleasant experience.



The campsite in the Pite River is truly a wild gem to explore. In addition to the wilderness life and everything that goes with it, you'll also find an open-air swimming pool with a waterslide for the kids here. The campsite also has a boat dock, a playground, and canoe and boat rentals. The on-site barbecue ensures all the magical barbecues that come with a visit to a campsite. Another thing that makes many people visit the campsite is the fishing. The Pite River offers a fabulous setting with a wide variety of fishing in flowing waters. Salmon, grayling, trout, whitefish, pike and perch live and thrive here. Apart from the fact that a fishing licence is required to fish here, it is good to know that only one grayling or trout may be caught per fisherman. The regulations are there to keep the fish growing and continue to raise the quality of fishing in Trollforsen. But it is especially the salmon fishing that is very popular here. Mainly because the chances of catching salmon here are greater than in most of the known salmon rivers in the country. In addition to being Norrbotten's biggest visitor attraction, the Pite River is also one of Sweden's four national rivers that has not been developed for hydroelectric power. The river has had great historical significance and was a very active place during the 19th and early 20th centuries. There are plenty of historical remains to explore. If you want to explore the area more deeply, you can either do it by boat on water or by bike on land. There are also great hiking trails that go both upstream and downstream along the rushing rapids and small islands. The surroundings are full of ancient forest, rich wildlife and plenty of berries and mushrooms. In short, wilderness experiences and intimate moments with nature you will carry with you all your life. The campsite's location means you can enjoy bright summer evenings mixed with stars and northern lights depending on when in the year you choose to travel here. There are no distracting lights here, so you can easily see the Pole Star, Orion and the Carnaval in all their mighty glory here. For those who want to enhance the experience even further, take a moonlit ski tour in winter and later warm up in the Trollforsen sauna.

Facilities at the campsite

Facilities at the campsite

Nearby activities

Nearby activities

Good to know

Trollforsen Camping is open for most of the year. The new owners welcome dogs on the whole camping area. Wifi is available. If you have any further questions, please contact the campsite directly. We wish you a warm welcome to Trollforsen Camping.

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