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Skylight Cabins


Kauppinen 187, 981 92 Kiruna

About the campsite

A warm welcome to Skylight Cabins!

Skylight Cabins is the cosy cabin in the middle of the forest next to the Lapland village of Paksuniemi. Here you have the chance to stay out in the true wilderness close to both wildlife and nature while enjoying modern amenities to make the most of your stay.

From the cabins of Skylight Cabins you have the chance to experience the magical northern lights from all angles, especially from the large skylights that are available. Sit back in the warm and comfortable bed and experience this magical natural phenomenon.

On the grounds of Skylight Cabins, about 100 m from the cabins, you will find a sauna, toilet and cooking area. If you walk 200 m in the other direction, you will find the incredibly beautiful and cosily designed lookout point "Aurora Dome". Aurora Dome is a must visit when staying at Skylight Cabins. An idyllic spot where you await the Northern Lights in an igloo-like building. Located far away from all the light pollution and other distractions of the cities, you will have the chance to see the best sides of the Northern Lights.



A typical evening at Skylight Cabins in search of the magical northern lights might look something like this: Guests are led to the igloo dome through the scenic forest with confident and experienced steps, once there a homemade mushroom soup with bread is served along with coffee/tea to keep you warm inside. Inside the Igloo dome, a lovely fire burns to keep the ambient temperature as comfortable as possible. Here you will also hear unique stories about the Northern Lights as you wait for them to emerge above.

If this isn't enough, you can go on an exclusive night tour in a custom-built vehicle, made to maximise the experience of the Northern Lights. Here you and your friends can enjoy in a private format and hunt for the finest of the Northern Lights. The vehicle has a 360-degree viewing window, further maximizing the experience and allowing you to stay inside in the warmth while the spectacle goes on outside. The guides accompanying the tour are experts at finding the best opportunities to view the phenomenon. Departure from Skylight Cabins can be selected between 7pm to 9pm in the evening when chances are highest. These tours are available from September through the end of March.

The resort is operated by Lapland Wilderness Tours. The experienced guides here know exactly what it takes to make you feel at one with nature. It offers dog sledding tours where you will experience moving at high speed, pulled by mother nature's most enduring dogs (Huskies). In the midst of the beautiful winter wonderland, if you are lucky, you will see both reindeer and moose roaming freely in the landscape. The tour takes between 2-3 hours depending on weather and wind.

If you prefer to go by machine, there are also snowmobile tours to experience next to the resort and Lapland Wilderness Tours. Here you will experience nature at speed in small groups to get the most personal experience possible.

Facilities at the campsite

Facilities at the campsite

Nearby activities

Nearby activities

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Skylight Cabins is open all year round with various activities for both winter and summer. <br>

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