Sandaholms Restaurang & Camping

Sanda Sjövik, 672 91 Årjäng

About the campsite

Hello and welcome to Sandaholms Restaurant & Camping. The campsite is beautifully located in our beautiful Värmland just near the town of Årjäng. Getting to the campsite is easy as the facility is very close to the E18, not at all far from the Norwegian border.

Sandaholm Restaurant & Camping or rather Sandaholm used to be a railway station located next to a lake called Järnsjön. The campsite is a quieter place where there are plenty of opportunities to find fun activities such as swimming, hiking, golf, fishing, canoeing and much more.

The resort offers several different options for accommodation. You are welcome to bring your camper, caravan or tent. In addition, Sandaholms Restaurant & Camping also offers cottages for rent.

Sandaholms Restaurang & Camping offers 40 seasonal pitches and 35 tourist pitches. You decide whether you want to use a tent, caravan or motorhome. In addition, you can also choose whether you want to stand, by the lake, forest, or perhaps completely without electricity.

At Sandaholms Restaurant & Camping you will find the most necessary facilities for a wonderful stay, such as a dishwasher, washing machine and hotplate. There are also opportunities to make your own campfire to create the ultimate camping experience.

One of the gems of the site is the restaurant. Built in the old railway station, you will find a cosy environment where you can enjoy good food and drink with a view of Lake Järn. In this restaurant you can get served everything from hot meals to fresh bread, coffee, ice cream, beer, wine and soft drinks! Just during the high season, that is the months of June, July and August, you can enjoy all this every day.

Sandaholms Restaurant & Camping is the place for families with children and the active 50 plus.



Sandaholms Restaurang & Camping is very close to the Dalsland Canal and the Glaskogen nature reserve. A little curiosity about the Dalsland Canal is that it stretches 245 km. This long waterway travels via both troglodytic lakes and natural watercourses. This canal and area is like a Mecca for canoeists as a well-developed service system is established.

In the lovely nature reserve of Glaskogen you can hike on several different trails. Take your pick as here you will find 300 km of trails and paths to explore. From a short day trip up to week-long tours for the adventurous. If you prefer to travel by water, the Glaskogen offers wonderful canoe trails. This is a magical experience to get close to nature. Try everything from day trips to longer paddling trips with overnight stays. Whatever you choose, you will be close to beautiful nature surrounded by clean lakes.

For those interested in golf, there is an 18-hole golf course just 3 kilometres from the campsite. This golf course is considered one of the finest in Värmland and is well worth a visit. A challenging course for both beginners and professionals.

Within walking distance of Sandaholms Restaurant & Camping are several bunkers from the Second World War. These were built in the 1940s and were actually used by the military all the way up to the 1980s.

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Facilities at the campsite

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Sandaholm Restaurant & Camping is open between April and September. Approximately 5 km away from the campsite is a supermarket which you can also reach via a newly built cycle path.

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