Överhörnäs Camping

Hörnäsvägen 50, 894 40 Överhörnäs

About the campsite

Welcome to Överhörnäs Camping, or rather the coziest campsite on the High Coast, if we may say so ourselves!

Överhörnäs Camping is a small, quiet and family-run campsite with about 50 pitches and 9 cottages. Right next to the campsite you will find Moälven, which in turn is located about 9 kilometres from the city of Örnsköldsvik.

Here you have a perfect oasis for the whole family that invites you to a wonderful summer with swimming, fishing, kayaking and boules. There is also a playground for the children to enjoy.

The pitches at the campsite are generously proportioned with a total of 120 square metres, which provides space for most vehicles. If you want to save money and take on a smaller site, you will also find nice pitches designed for motorhomes. If you don't have a motorhome or caravan, you are more than welcome to camp or stay in one of our lovely cottages.



Överhörnäs camping is beautifully situated by the Själevadsfjärden about 9 km south of the city of Örnsköldsvik. Here you have a perfect starting point to visit both the city and of course our beautiful High Coast with its beautiful sights and nature experience. If you like shopping, you will also find a Fjällräven outlet where you can find goods from the well-known brand.

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Facilities at the campsite

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Good to know

Free access to Wifi throughout the complex, access to washing machine included in the fee, reception & kiosk with all necessities, kitchen with oven and microwave, electric car charging available.

Check-in is open until 22:00 every day of the week. Welcome!

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