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Nikkaluokta camping


Nikkaluokta 1104, 981 99 Kiruna

About the campsite

Welcome dear visitors to Nikkaluokta Sarri and a mountain paradise up here in the northern parts of Sweden. If it's a complete nature experience you're looking for during your camping holiday, then you've come to the right place.



On the campsite you will find huge spaces for different kinds of games that both children and adults can enjoy. Within the campsite we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner whose taste sensations make a tear of joy run down your cheek. We use only the best of ingredients and our love for cooking is at the highest possible level. The Sami dishes we serve are not to be missed. Outside the campsite you have the almost unimaginably mighty mountain world in all its beautiful sweetness. Here you feel really small as a human being, which puts your thoughts about your own existence into perspective with nature. Each season offers its own opportunities for different activities here with us. In winter, winter sports and snowmobiling are of course high on the agenda. Here you will find skiing of the absolute highest world class. There are also snowmobile trails of the same high standard as the ski trails. In summertime you have the flourishing mountains in all their elegance. Here you can, for example, take a boat lake Láddjujávri if you are on your way to kebnekaise. Here you also have several lakes with opportunities for excellent fishing. So don't forget to bring your fishing gear. There are an endless number of things to see and experience. Ask us for tips.

Facilities at the campsite

Facilities at the campsite

Nearby activities

Nearby activities

Good to know

The distance to the nearest major city Kiruna is about 70 km from the campsite. Welcome to the magical mountains and Nikkaluokta Sarri.

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