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Nämndö Glamping


Solvik, 130 36 Nämdö

About the campsite

Nämdö Glamping can be found on the island of Nämdö in the Stockholm Archipelago. Nämdö is a car-free island with walking and cycling paths to get around. Here we are surrounded by fabulously beautiful archipelago nature in just about every direction.<br>

In short, we are simply an archipelago paradise!

We have glamping tents on the mountain and very cosy archipelago cottages for rent. For those who are not familiar with the term glamping, it is camping but in a much more luxurious form with a canvas tent with plenty of space for a bed and more. Take a look at the photo gallery!



Nämdö is 10.46 km² in size and thus one of the larger islands in the Stockholm archipelago. On Nämdö you will find archipelago nature at its most beautiful. Here, lush forests and flowering meadows alternate with the rugged cliffs of the archipelago. Even much of the old settlement remains and the whole island is characterised by a genuine, undeveloped feeling with the scent of sun-warmed cliffs and archipelago nature.

Our glamping tents offer camping of the more luxurious kind. The tents have an unbeatable view of the archipelago high up on the mountain. The tents are equipped with:

  • Double bed
  • Mattresses
  • Lanterns
  • Electric sockets
  • Fan
  • Refrigerator
  • Vingas
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And more! Each tent has its own terrace with seating, tables and sun beds. This sounds to us like the best kind of camping!

We also have 3 cosy archipelago cottages of different sizes and equipment.

Our beloved island also has a rich natural life with grazing animals in Östanviksgård dating back to the 16th century. Here it is also not uncommon to see sea eagles out hunting. So keep an eye out!

On the island we have Nämdö Krog which serves food for all tastes. They also sell freshly baked bread in the morning for the perfect breakfast. The smell of freshly baked bread spreads to our glamping tents every morning. What better way to wake up?

In our archipelago shop Guns Livs you will find food and everything else you could possibly need during your stay with us.

100 meters from our glamping you have Nämdö Church which is built of trees and was consecrated in 1876. Well worth a visit!

A few hundred meters from the glamping area you have Nämdös Hembygdsförening which, depending on the season, organizes different kinds of activities such as pub nights and film screenings to communal walks and theatre classes for children.

11 km from the glamping site you can find Östanvik farm which is a farm shop. It sells vegetables and more from their own farm but also from nearby farms. In addition, there are fine sheep and lamb skins, nutskins and even lovely yarn from their own sheep. They also sell handicrafts both from the farm and from the neighbourhood. Coffee, ice cream and some home baked goods are also available! The range of products varies according to season and availability.

As the island has no roads, it comes naturally that it is incredibly convenient to walk or cycle to where you want to go on the island.

This has been a brief description of our amazing island and glamping. We hope you will visit us to experience it all for yourself!

Facilities at the campsite

Facilities at the campsite

Nearby activities

Nearby activities

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Guns Livs runs Nämdö Glamping

Welcome to Nämdö and us at Nämdö Glamping!

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