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Ice & Light Village


Nyborgsvägen 195, 952 59 Kalix

About the campsite

Welcome to the Ice & Light Village!

At Ice & Light Village you will have a glamping experience beyond the ordinary. The resort is located close to the town of Kalix. This is where the river meets the sea, the Kalixlöjrommen meets the cream filo toast, and last but not least the place where the northern lights meet you.

At Ice & Light Village you will stay in a modern, igloo-inspired cottage. The design and large windows give you the chance to really experience the surroundings from all angles. From the magical white landscapes of winter to the endless sunlight of summer. At Ice & Light Village <br>

it's always the season. With a view of the Kalix River that is both peaceful and quiet, you will have a <br>

harmonious stay unlike any other. Ice & Light Village is located in the middle of nature, close to the river, the archipelago and the forest, which means that most activities are always available regardless of the season.

If you're looking to celebrate something, Ice & Light Village is the perfect place. Anniversary, hen party, stag party, birthday, wedding - the facility is suitable for everything.



In and around the Ice & Light Village you can find various activities all year round. In summer you can play golf on the beautiful and scenic golf course "Linnébanan". Take a boat trip with the boat Filippa, which offers great tours on the lake, or why not rent a kayak and paddle around the surroundings. Summer at Ice & Light Village is both relaxing and enriched by activities in and around the northern nature.

The Ice & Light Village and the community of Kalix also offer several activities during the winter months. <br>

For example, you can cruise across the frozen sea without a storm in sight. As far as the eye can see, there is a large ice cover and beautiful scenery. Here you can go cross-country skiing and explore the archipelago. If you're looking for a little more speed and excitement, you can also hire a snowmobile or why not a dog sled and then head out to watch the magical northern lights dance across the open and starry sky.

A day cruise with the icebreaker Polar Explorer takes you across the Arctic Ocean. Listen to the cracking ice hitting the hull and enjoy the fresh winter breezes as you travel along. You'll also get a tour of the ship, seeing everything from the engine room down below to the captain's deck at the top. Grab a warming cup of coffee or a cup of chocolate in the café or why not wander out onto the ice for a while. Where the icebreaker has been, a pool is created where the daring visitor can try an ice bath in a wetsuit. If you feel up to it, you'll also receive a "cruise and swim" certificate from the captain. A great souvenir to take home from the tour. This activity can be done from December to April and lasts about 3 hours. A perfect day out in the winter wonderland near the Ice & Light Village.

About 25 minutes drive from Ice & Light Village you will find a dog kennel where you can try driving your own dog sled. An on-site guide will show you how it's done and you'll learn about what life at a dog kennel in Swedish Lapland is really like. Two people per sled can then take turns driving the dog sled in the beautiful surroundings. This activity is carried out from December to April and has a duration of about 3 hours.

If you prefer to try snowmobiling, there are great rides along the frozen Kalix River.

Facilities at the campsite

Facilities at the campsite

Nearby activities

Nearby activities

Good to know

At Ice & Light Village, check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 12:00.

A warm welcome to a magical accommodation close to the Northern Lights, nature and Kalixlöjrom!

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