Bisonfarmen i Gate

Mobolets gård, 54494 Hjo

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Hello and welcome to the Bison Farm in Gate! Bisonfarmen i Gate is located on the beautiful Moblet farm in western Götaland. Here you will find 20 nice pitches with electricity for your motorhome with a magical view over the lake Vättern. You can also of course empty grey water, latrine and fill up the fresh water during your stay here. Shower and WC are also available at Bisonfarmen in Gate!

As the name says, Bisonfarmen i Gate is much more than just a camping site. Since the early spring of 2005, the largest population of American bison in Sweden has been grazing here. Experience these amazing animals in the beautiful landscape right next to the Vättern lake and the Hökensås forests.In the summers it is also open for visitors both big and small where you can go on an exciting safari among the bison.

Either you go out on a trailer and tractor or you ride in one of the off-road trucks available at the facility. The tours last about 35 minutes and the farmer will guide you through the tour and tell you everything you could possibly need to know about the animals.

After a visit to the farm, it's easy to get hungry, so of course you'll find a lovely restaurant or Saloon as it's called at the Bison Farm in Gate. In the Saloon you can enjoy food and refreshments made from carefully selected ingredients. And don't miss the taste sensation of a Bison burger! If you like the taste, you can of course buy fresh meat from the nice farm shop! At the Bison Farm in Gate, we slaughter, butcher and process these raw materials locally and in the best possible way.

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At Bisonfarmen in Gate you can rent four-wheelers to take you around the surroundings and on Hökensås roads. There are both nice and fun tours to go on where you experience nature up close. This activity can be enjoyed all year round as long as the weather permits and up to 2 people can ride on each 4-wheeler! However, a B licence is required to drive these.

The landscape around the Bison Farm in Gate is a gently rolling primeval ridge with scenery similar to that we have in the north of the country. Hökensås nature reserve is actually a primeval ridge that is up to about 300 metres high and a full ten miles long.

If you're keen on swimming, take a day trip to the shore of the Vättern with a glass and a newspaper and enjoy the high summer after a day among the animals. If you'd prefer an excursion, head to Hjo for a bite to eat, a coffee or to shop for supplies. People here often say "I love hjo!".

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Mobolets farm is located next to road 195 (Hjo-Jönköping) about 17 km south of Hjo. Look for the road sign "Gate och Bisonfarm" then follow the unique signage (Silhouette of a bison) about 3km until you see the farm.

The campsites are open all year round, weather permitting. Saloon & safari is closed during the off season. The high season is from June to September.

A warm welcome to the Bison Farm in Gate!

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